20 years of experience in the real estate field, that is to say Daniel Marozzi knows his job well! For this expert in high-end goods, the results matter. Today, he develops DREAM ESTATE, a totally innovative real estate concept


Daniel Marozzi is a total professional who possesses the essential qualities, indispensable for the success in the vast arena of the real estate industry. Experience, reactivity, flexibility and availability. Perfectly bilingual, his command of the English language combined with his experience, allowed him to develop an international network. Europe, England, the USA, Russia, Australia and many other countries are naturally part of his professional address book, which also allows him to combine the skills of his partners in all sectors of real estate including important legal aspects of the real estate industry.


Today the world works like a gigantic spiderweb. In the real estate sector, Dream Estate creates immediate and lasting links. Not wasting time and getting to the basics are the essential elements to guarantee a serious and high-quality transaction. By using the latest computer technologies, by staying permanently connected to its international network, DREAM ESTATE is able to certify a healthy, neat, no surprises and perfectly adapted real estate contract. The reputation of excellence of Dream Estate is based on the requirement at all levels;  the exceptional quality of the properties that it proposes to clients as well as Dream Estates own developments, all is professionally handled.


DREAM ESTATE focuses on a prestigious area, Annecy, Lake Geneva, Lake Bourget, Chamonix, Megeve, Courchevel and many others. With DREAM ESTATE present on the three lakes and on the entire French Alps, Daniel Marozzi develops a unique, exceptional concept, so that dream becomes simply reality.